Rice production

How to plant and cultivate rice

The majority of Asian rice-producing countries continue to use traditional farming methods.  Farmers begin by ploughing the field to break up the soil.  The soil is then fertilised, and a log dragged over the field to gain a smooth surface for planting. 

Rice plant seedlings are grown in beds for 30-50 days.  They are then planted in the field, which has been flooded by rain or river water.  The field’s water level is controlled with the use of dykes and channels.  When it is time to harvest the crops, the field is drained of water. 

How to process rice

The cut crop is known as rough rice or paddy grain.  It is threshed either by treading on it or by throwing it into the air.  It is then processed to remove stones, stalks and loose chaff.  The next step involves drying the crop with warm air, and removing any dust.  The outer husk is taken away, leaving the bran layer and rice grain.  This can be sold as brown rice, or processed in a mill by removing the bran layer to reveal the white grain known as white rice.  

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